Congratulations to the 2017 District Champion Klein Bearkats!
7/18/2017 5:52 PM
It was a hard fight all the way. We scratched and clawed all season to try and improve and get wins along the way. Well, you did it men! Congrats on the 2017 District Championship!

I wanted to say thank you to the team on getting me my 400th coaching win vs Klein Forest. Wow, what a game and wonderful team victory. Hats off to Tanner the "Condor" Horelica and the entire Bearkats squad for an amazing defensive effort. It took every player that was suited out Friday night to get the victory vs Forest. We saw outstanding defensive play from Alex "Smash" Villarreal,Emanuel the "Bruise" Cruz, Declan the "Destroyer" Fleming, Bailey"Jet Fuel"Juarez, Hayden "Pain Train" Taylor, Carlos the "Nightmare" Nunez, Excellent midfield play from Eddie the"Monster" Molina, Adrian "magic man" Martinez, Bryce"Iceman" McAllister, Caid the "Spider" McNeill, and Jacob "The Jackal" Arguello just to name a few.

Congrats to Bryce McAllister on the game winning goal and a cheeky little give and go with Melcis Diaz. Again, thanks to the team for making this a special night and giving me my #400 Win!
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